Call Process - January

357 Division Street Elgin IL 60120

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Your Call Committee met on December 1st to continue its prayerful preparations to call our next pastor. During our meeting, we elected 2 officers, Chairperson Jackie Kutina and Secretary Beth Quathamer to better prepare for the work ahead. Both Jackie and Beth graciously accepted their respective positions. These positions along with the bonding of the call committee will help the call committee as we go forward with the call process.

We learned that we will be meeting in early spring with the Synod to review the instructions and guidelines provided to us by the ELCA. As we wait for that meeting and the completion of the Ministry Site Profile Committee work we will continue our study of the book “The Pastoral Search Journey: A Guide to Finding Your Next Pastor.”

We also met with members from the previous Call Committee, Sharon Swensek, Dave Rohlwing, Ursula Digman, and Sue Ellyn Merkau. We asked them practical questions, asked them for insights, and asked them for advice. We are very grateful and want to thank them for the time they spent with us and for all the words of wisdom that they shared!

At the end of the meeting it was apparent that the “thing” we need most is prayer. Not because we were overcome with a feeling of helplessness…but because we’re learning that the key to finding the right pastor for Holy Trinity is prayer. So we ask each of you to please pray for the Call Committee during these next few months as we share, learn, teach and bond so that we can do our best in service to Holy Trinity.

Call Process - January