Call Process - February

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February 2015

 Your Call Committee met on January 5th to continue its prayerful preparations to call our next Pastor. We had a full agenda. And these three items surfaced as the most important.  

Item #1 – What do we “love” about Holy Trinity. As a group we had a wealth of things to share on this topic – some were unique to the individual who shared it and others blended and merged with others. They included things such as family history and connection, being in the right place at the right time, the music, the worship experience, the people … the list goes on. This topic was very timely as it is the time we all (each member) need to be thinking about what we “love” about Holy Trinity. We also need to think about what we “don’t love” – a weakness about Holy Trinity. We are not perfect – there are places to improve and we need to identify those as well. Soon we will be asked and encouraged to participate in the Ministry Site Profile Survey. This survey will be the key component in the search for our new Pastor. We need to be able to paint a complete and truthful picture of where we feel Holy Trinity is meeting God’s mission and where we need to improve. It’s time to prayerfully make your own lists of Holy Trinity “loves” and “don’t loves” before we are given the survey.

Item #2 – Communication. More specifically how will we, The Call Committee, communicate with you, the congregation about our progress? As of January we now have a mobile bulletin board. Why mobile? We couldn’t come up with one room in the church where EVERYONE who enters the building goes – except the sanctuary. The Call Committee Bulletin Board is on an easel and will move about to follow the crowds. We will continue our monthly updates printed in the Trinity Times. You will also be able to access them via the Call Committee link on Holy Trinity’s Web Page at . When information needs to be shared timelier than the Trinity Times, printed inserts will be placed in the weekend bulletins.   

Item #3 – Last but not least Prayer. We continue to pray for Holy Trinity and we ask you to join us in that prayer – asking the Holy Spirit to help guide us on this journey that we take together. The Call Committee will be passing out Prayer Squares to help remind all of us to pray for one another and the call process. We want to thank the Prayer Shawl Group for making the Prayer Squares.    

Call Process - February